Yoga Wear: Top Reasons Why You Should Have the Proper Leggings, Clothing, and Gear



Imagine this. You go into plank position, transition into a chaturanga, do the upward facing dog, and bend to a downward facing dog. You move with intention and as your body goes through the movements, you fall into a meditative state. Later in the session, as you are in savasana, you savour every moment of the quiet. Ask any yogi and they’ll say that a fantastic yoga session is medicine for the body, mind, and soul.

If you’re a newbie yoga practitioner who hasn’t got a clue on what to wear, knowing what to wear for a yoga session can be difficult. What should you wear to yoga practice?

The Right Yoga Gear

Let’s get this straight. Absolutely not jogging pants. Yes, these might be comfy, but these aren’t aren’t the most sensible things to wear to yoga practice. No, not your loose shirt, either. Once you get into a position like downward dog, a loose t-shirt is going to fall down and expose your nether regions to other people in the room. And even if you don’t get embarrassed, a falling top is going to be annoying and potentially stop you from transitioning into the next move correctly.

Consider leggings or form-fitting shorts instead. Believe it or not, this will even help you with your yoga practice, too, as your instructor can check if your form is correct. After all, you don’t want to injure yourself because your knees and hips aren’t in alignment, and a fitted top as well as the right pair of leggings can help do that. Read more from this blog.


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