How to Motivate Yourself to Practice Daily (Clue: One of Them Involves Yoga Pants!)


Does this sound familiar? You promised yourself that you’d practice yoga every day. In fact, you’ve already lost count of the times you took your yoga mat to work, so you could head to class after work. Except, you just never seem to make it!

Sounds like you? If you’re eager to practice more yoga in your life, here are some great tips you can do use to make it easier for yourself, and more likely you will succeed in your goal.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Disappointment

Deciding you’re going to do a Eka Hasta Vrksasana or a One Handed Tree Pose on your first try, is likely to end in failure or injury, and that’s going to mean your motivation takes a bit hit. Luckily, most yoga teachers know this and they will always give you modified poses to suit your ability in order to prepare you for the full pose. Read more from this blog.


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